Frequently Asked Questions

Are therapy sessions in person or online?

In person sessions are in Hudson Ohio, at this location:
5170 Hudson Drive Suite 0, Hudson, OH 44224
I can also see you online. We will also have zoom meetings so I can watch how you move and teach you exercises.

What type of conditions do you treat with physical therapy? 

Anything having to do with pain, weakness, limitations, or the pelvic floor. Some general examples include: any pain, vestibular issues/dizziness, arthritis,  weakness, etc. Other examples of pelvic floor issues I treat include but are not limited to: pelvic pain, leaking, diastasis recti, prolapse, returning to running, CrossFit, lifting, and other sports postpartum, strengthening during or after pregnancy, pregnancy related pains, pregnancy birth preparation, etc.

What types of programs do you offer?

Everyone has an individualized plan because everyone has individualized goals. So your program is special to you!

Are Physical Therapy services covered by insurance?

We are an out of network provider but we can give you a super bill to submit to your insurance company.

What is the first step to getting started? 

Send an email or use the contact  page to get started!

Still have questions?

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Email me with questions you have, we can even book a free consultation to talk about what your goals are and if you would be a good candidate for physical therapy.

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